The Social Agency surveys participants and others associated with the project. The following quotes are a small selection taken from feedback we have received.

My overall opinion of the benefits of this group is (that it’s) brilliant. The activities are really interesting and (it) has given me a new sense of purpose. Group Member

The Social Agency has been beneficial to me in providing social contact of a kind I previously wasn’t fulfilling. Group Member

It’s helped me to talk to other people about my problems. Group Member

I want to say thank you for bringing in Ed Gaughan. It’s a dream come true! Group Member

At the steering committee I enjoy being able to express the ideas in my head. I enjoy discussing other people’s ideas. Steering Group Member

When my son feels like he doesn’t ‘belong’ or fit in anywhere, the Social Agency has been like a lifeline to him. To ‘belong’ is an important thing to my son, it gives him purpose, his life would be a lot poorer without it. There is a ‘gap’ socially for adults like my son and the Agency goes a long way to fill this need. Parent of a Group Member

Attending the group has given my son some structure to his life. It has given him purpose – a reason to get ready and leave the house and travel to Newcastle. His willingness to attend has also had a beneficial effect on his family. Parent of a Group Member

The main benefit of the Social Agency is to have a place to go independently and know he will not be judged and where he can be himself without having to try too hard to ‘conform’ is important to people on the autistic spectrum. Parent of a Group Member

The confidence levels have increased greatly in my son. He’s so much more out going and willing to engage. Parent of a Group Member