Fortnightly Activities

Our fortnightly groups involve a mix of discussion and arts-based activity. We normally begin sessions with a catch up on what group members have been up to since we last met and follow this by answering one or two questions posed by our Fink Cards

Since beginning the groups we have focused on a number of areas including getting to know each, identifying what is important in our lives, and thinking about how our experiences and relationships with others help shape our identities. Most recently our afternoon group has been talking a lot about anxiety – what triggers this, and what helps calm us. As a result we are currently working, with the generous support of Hilary Hughes from B Arts, on the creation of an Anxiety Quilt.


Our new group, which meets in the mornings, has been playing with stop-frame animation and is currently working on a short film looking at whether ‘invisible disabilities’ need better recognition amongst those in authority.